Reporting from the PNC Championship in Orlando, Florida, it’s been a delightful Sunday despite a morning shower. One particular highlight was the pairing of Steve and Izzi Stricker with Tiger and Charlie Woods, a combination that piqued my interest given my admiration for the Stricker family. Steve Stricker’s lighthearted comment about how decisions at home often get overruled by the women in his life, only to be humorously contradicted by his wife, Nicki, and daughter Bobbi, showcased their enjoyable family dynamic. Watching their interactions on the course was an absolute joy.

Reflecting on the event, the family-centric atmosphere at the PNC Championship struck a chord with me. After a turbulent year in golf, from legal issues to significant tournaments, this family-oriented event feels like the perfect rejuvenation ahead of Christmas. Witnessing heartwarming moments like the Strickers sharing laughter or Sam Woods beaming while handing her father his putter, alongside Will McGee moved to tears after an exceptional day with his mom, encapsulated the essence of this tournament. It evoked a sense of anticipation for my own Christmas celebrations back in Rhode Island, albeit not on national television. Nonetheless, the familial camaraderie felt like something my siblings and I could easily translate into a reality TV show.

Shifting focus, Justin Thomas may not have had the ideal weekend at the PNC Championship, but he wrapped up his round on a high note. His bunker-hole finish caught attention, notable for another detail – the absence of his regular caddie, Jim “Bones” Mackay. Instead, Thomas’ father-in-law stepped in for the final holes at the Ritz Carlton Golf Club, offering a charming and perhaps slightly nerve-wracking twist to the day.