From Wednesday, June 26 to Saturday, June 29, 2024, the German Youth Boxing Championships (U19) were held in Königsbrunn, Bavaria.

Fourteen out of the seventeen regional associations of the German Boxing Association sent their athletes to Bavaria. Over four days and ten events, medals were awarded in eight women’s weight categories and thirteen men’s weight categories.

In total, 142 boxers from the German Boxing Association’s regional divisions traveled to southern Germany, resulting in 123 matches during these German Championships.

Representing BC Mülheim-Dümpten was Ciman Khalf, who had already garnered attention by winning this year’s NRW Championships unexpectedly.

Competing for the NRW regional association in the bantamweight category, Ciman, at just 16 years old, was the youngest participant. In terms of experience, she was also at a disadvantage, having only been competing for about 12 months.

After successfully navigating the quarter-finals, she faced Emily Frädrich from Brandenburg, one of the tournament’s favorites, in the semi-finals.

The multiple-time state champion from Brandenburg had previously won medals at other German Championships and had competed internationally.

Undeterred by Frädrich’s reputation, Ciman started the first round of the semi-final with quick movements, evading the Brandenburg athlete’s attacks and scoring with rapid punches. This round ended with a 4:1 lead for Ciman.

In the second round, Ciman appeared even more confident and secure, landing precise straight punches and countering her opponent’s attacks. Surprisingly, this round ended with a 1:4 score against her.

This set a clear course for the third round, where Ciman delivered a strong performance. She kept the pressure on Frädrich, dominating each exchange and maintaining the upper hand in every attack. Ciman managed to increase the pace in the third round and sustained it throughout.

She won on points and secured her place in the final of the German Championships: Ciman Khalf!

In the final, Ciman faced Assia El Fechtali from Hessen. The multiple-time Hessen champion had already won bronze at the Golden Girls Cup in Boras, Sweden, and had won the International TBV Squad Tournament this year, marking her as a favorite even before the German Championships began.

On the final day, Ciman gave her all, keeping the rounds close. However, she lacked some nuances and experience. It was an excellent final match, with both athletes pushing their limits. The victory rightfully went to the Hessian corner, who managed to win the bout on points.