Sorian golfer Daniel Berná is set to take on his second challenge in the Alps Tour, starting this Wednesday. The event, known as the Alps de Roquetas de Mar, will take place from 29 to 31 May at Playa Serena Golf in Almería.

The Alps de Roquetas marks the eighth event of the 2024 Alps Tour, following stops in Egypt, Tunisia, Italy, Austria, and France. It will be the first Spanish stop on this year’s tour, gathering around 150 players from 17 different countries. The tournament is expected to be highly competitive, featuring a mix of seasoned professionals and up-and-coming talents from around the world.

For Berná, this event represents his second outing in the 2024 Alps Tour after participating in last week’s Lacanau Alps Open in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France. His debut was not as successful as he had hoped, as he missed the cut for the first time this season. Reflecting on his performance, Berná noted, “I couldn’t adjust to the speed of the greens, and my putting was off in terms of both strength and direction. I either fell short or overshot.” Despite his efforts, he struggled to make crucial putts throughout the rounds.

As a result, he finished 5 over par over the two days – achieving par in the second round – and missed the cut. “It’s the first cut I’ve missed all year, so it’s not a big deal. I just need to keep training and focus on the next event,” he commented, referring to the upcoming Alps de Roquetas de Mar.

Berná has been a prominent figure in the Spanish golfing scene, representing the Club de Golf Soria with distinction. His participation in the Alps Tour is part of his broader strategy to gain international experience and compete against some of the best golfers in Europe. The Alps Tour, known for its challenging courses and competitive fields, provides an excellent platform for Berná to hone his skills and measure himself against high-calibre opponents.

The Playa Serena Golf course, where the Alps de Roquetas de Mar will be held, is renowned for its beautiful seaside views and meticulously maintained greens. However, it also presents numerous challenges, including tricky bunkers and water hazards that require precise shot-making. Berná is well aware of these challenges and has been preparing diligently, focusing on his short game and putting – areas that proved problematic in his last outing.

In addition to his physical preparation, Berná has also been working on his mental game, understanding that the psychological aspect of golf is just as important as the physical. “Golf is a mental game as much as it is physical,” he said. “Staying focused and maintaining confidence, especially after setbacks, is crucial. I’m ready to take on this challenge with a positive mindset.”

Berná’s journey in the Alps Tour is not just about personal achievement but also about representing his hometown of Soria and inspiring young golfers in his community. He hopes that his efforts on the international stage will encourage more young people to take up the sport and pursue their dreams with dedication and passion.

As the tournament approaches, Berná remains optimistic and focused. He is determined to learn from his past experiences and apply those lessons to perform better in the Alps de Roquetas de Mar. “Every tournament is a learning experience,” he said. “I’m constantly looking to improve and adapt. My goal is to compete at the highest level and bring my best game to every event.”

The Alps de Roquetas de Mar promises to be an exciting event, with many talented golfers vying for the title. For Daniel Berná, it’s another step in his journey towards establishing himself as a top golfer on the European circuit. As he prepares to tee off, his fans and supporters are eagerly watching, hopeful that he will showcase his true potential and make a strong comeback.