FC Schalke 04 has had its fair share of transfer disappointments, with many players failing to live up to expectations and subsequently leaving the club underwhelmed. However, some of these departures included clauses that could potentially benefit Schalke financially.

One such case is Ozan Kabak, who failed to impress during his time at FC Schalke 04 and was eventually loaned out twice before being sold to TSG Hoffenheim. Now, Schalke could be in for an unexpected financial boost.

FC Schalke 04: Will the Deal Finally Pay Off?
In the summer of 2019, FC Schalke 04 paid VfB Stuttgart 15 million euros for Ozan Kabak. Kabak then went on loan to Liverpool FC and Norwich City before returning to Schalke. In 2022, Schalke finally parted ways with him, selling him to TSG Hoffenheim.

TSG Hoffenheim paid 7 million euros for the Turkish defender, resulting in a significant loss for Schalke, a club already struggling financially. Kabak’s transfer was not the only one that didn’t pan out for Schalke. Several other new signings failed to meet expectations, contributing to the club’s ongoing difficulties.

However, this particular deal could now bring an unexpected windfall for Schalke. Kabak, with TSG Hoffenheim, is now on track for European competition. Should Hoffenheim qualify, Schalke stands to gain financially.

Schalke Eyes Unexpected Windfall
When Kabak’s transfer from FC Schalke 04 to TSG Hoffenheim was finalized, a bonus clause was included in the contract. Schalke is set to receive a bonus payment of one million euros if Hoffenheim qualifies for European competition during Kabak’s contract period, which runs until 2026.

The final Bundesliga matchday is approaching this weekend, with Hoffenheim sitting in seventh place with 43 points, a position that would secure a spot in the Conference League. Hoffenheim will face Bayern Munich at home. Should they lose and SC Freiburg (currently with 42 points) win their match against Union Berlin, Hoffenheim could miss out on European qualification.

The Stakes Are High
As the Bundesliga season draws to a close, the stakes are high for both Hoffenheim and Schalke. The potential for an unexpected financial boost is a rare bit of positive news for Schalke in what has been a challenging period. All eyes will be on the final matchday to see if Kabak’s move will finally bring some much-needed funds to Schalke’s coffers.